ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit Software Update

Portable Analysis Kit by Hoggan Scientific, LLC, is the essential tool kit for ergonomists, engineers and research professionals to measure, quantify and validate human and product performance and the workplace.  ergoPAK consists of wireless hub with wearable plug and play sensors to collect and analyze field data under real job conditions.

Hoggan Scientific is announcing for release in September its new update for the FDC FET Data Collection Software used in conjunction with ergoPAK.  The new version update will provide more functionality and feedback information than before.  New enhancements to the FDC software will include:

  • Recall/open saved tests in software.
  • Large numerical readout display option of measurement and time for sensor selected, in addition to real time graphical data display for sensor(s).
  • Audible prompts in software for loss of wireless signal.
  • Additional statistical calculations include area under curve and average after peak; along with maximum, minimum, average, for a user selectable data range.
  • Configurable start and stop test conditions.


FDC Software in combination with ergoPAK Portable Analysis data acquisition sensors provide accurate and quantifiable results to assist in the evaluation, analysis and recommendations for ergonomic assessments, work-place design, risk management solutions, and design and validation of products.

To learn more about the upcoming updated release of FDC software for use with ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit and ergoFET force gauges, please contact us either by phone at 800-678-7888/801-572-6500 x-107 or email  Or visit our website at