Objectify Muscle Strength Testing with microFET2

In today’s healthcare functional testing and documentation are vital to a successful evidence-based medical practice. As part of functional testing and documentation, studies have shown that hand-held dynamometry is a reliable, objective way to obtain strength measurements.  The microFET2 muscle tester by Hoggan Scientific, LLC is a handheld dynamometer that objectively quantifies muscle strength to identify areas of muscle weakness due to injury or disease.


“I use the microFet2 Dynamometer all the time. I feel it is an essential piece of equipment for OT and PT. How can you justify a strength training program when your patients measure 4/5 or 5/5 because manual muscle testing does not pick up the deficits in strength that a hand held dynamometer will? There are numerous studies that show this in both the orthopedic and neurological populations of patients,” says Carole Lewis, PT, DPT, GCS, GTC, CCOEE, MPA, MSG, PhD, FAPTA, and partner of www.greatseminarsonline.com.   “Manual muscle testing is the technology of the 90″s, hand held dynamometry is the technology of this and future decades. Therapists need to get with the most recent technology so we can truly help our patients. The micoFET2 has truly changed how I practice and made me a better clinician”.


microFET2 is an essential instrument for any PT, OT or other medical professional to accurately test and assess muscle strength or weakness with ease and efficiency.  To learn more about the microFET2 or any of the other microFET family of products, please visit our website at www.hogganhealth.net, or contact us by phone at 800-678-7888/801-572-6500.



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microFET3 for Range of Motion and Muscle Testing

Hoggan Scientific is promoting its microFET3 as an easier and more convenient way to measure force and range of motion

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2012  — Hoggan Scientific is currently spotlighting the benefits its microFET3 dual function muscle testing and range of motion device offers hospitals, university research centers, and other facilities. Available online at http://www.HogganHealth.net the company sells a range of medical and ergonomic force evaluation items with each product offering specific advantages to industry professionals.

“Hoggan Scientific has been in the business since 1961 and over the past 50 years, we’ve built a reputation of innovative design and manufacturing expertise. Our products are extremely well created and provide medical professionals with a simple and quick way to obtain the data they need. With the microFET3, clinicians can get range of motion and muscle information with only one hand, leaving the other free to stabilize the patient. In addition, the device is wireless, which makes it much less cumbersome,” said Cynthia McKenna, Hoggan Scientific’s Director of Sales.

The microFET3 from Hoggan Scientific is a medical device designed to measure muscle force and range of motion. It features an easy-to-read LCD display that shows the results as soon as the testing is completed. Results obtained with the microFET3 can be put into a table or graph, which makes the device ideal for researchers. Consumers can additionally opt to purchase accompanying software for the microFET3, which is currently compatible with Windows XP or newer operating systems. The software automatically performs any calculations and validity checks to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

This dual function device is wireless, which allows researchers and medical professionals more room and flexibility to work. It measures six inches by eight inches, weighs less than one pound, and can be used one-handed for added convenience. The microFET3 includes three muscle testing attachments for curved, flat or digital areas and can measure in pounds, Newtons, or KgF. It offers low and high threshold settings and features accuracy rates within 1% or one degree.

The device itself costs $1,295, which includes free shipping in the United States and Canada and a standard one-year warranty. For an additional $495, customers can also purchase the clinical software package, which offers protocols for range of motion and muscle testing, and provides researchers with the ability to track patients, perform analyses or comparison statistics, and generate a variety of graphic and narrative reports.

The FET data collection software package, which also costs $495, is intended primarily for researchers and academics. The software allows users to display a graph of the results as they are obtained in real time and the graph continuously updates as raw data is entered. The information is also saved into a CSV file so that it can be accessed and manipulated in a spreadsheet program.

To find out more about Hoggan Scientific and the medical and ergonomic force evaluation items it offers, including the microFET3, visit the company online at http://www.HogganHealth.net or call 800-678-7888 to speak to a company representative.


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