Hoggan Force Gauges Experience Demand As Tools For Ergonomic Testing

Under the ergoFET brand, Hoggan Scientific offers two digital push pull force gauges that are durable easy to use, and accurate. The instruments can be used to meet most testing needs in industrial settings for ergonomic assessments, workplace job analysis and product testing and design. The ergoFET and ergoFET500 force gauges are two excellent tools for measuring and analyzing force loads to help improve production, quality, and efficiency.
The ever popular ergoFET force gauge is the more highly sought after device by ergonomists, due to its unique compact, ergonomic handheld design, that lends itself to be very portable and adaptable for use in a wide variety testing applications, where other types of force gauges would be ineffective. The ergoFET has easy to read LCD displays showing peak force and duration in seconds (time) of tests, a 300 pound force capacity, ability to store and recall 30 tests, and with wireless capability allows to use the device with available data collection software. The handheld design of the ergoFET device making testing easier, and allows to more closely simulate actual job tasks for one hand force measurements. The ergoFET design also incorporates the ability to perform one hand and some two hand push pull tests, with accessory stir up handle that screws into the gauge. The ergoFET kit includes test attachments to accommodate for most testing applications.

The ergoFET500 force gauge is companion to the ergoFET gauge. It also has an easy to read LCD display, and its lightweight durable aluminum housing offers a lighter feel than other force gauges with cast housings. It measures push/compression forces up to 200 pounds force, and pull/tension tests up to 500 pounds force, stores and recall 30 tests, and its wireless capability allows force gauge to be used with Hoggan data collection software. The kit comes with complete set of test attachments, and two aluminum handles. The two lightweight machined aluminum handles that screw into the device offer stability for testing and measuring heavier loads.

Another device that is quickly becoming popular component of an ergonomist’s toolkit, is the microFET handGRIP. The electronic digital dynamometer is used to test and screen for hand grip strength. It features a lightweight molded high impact plastic body construction, utilizes accurate load cell sensor technology in place of hydraulic fluid found in some other handgrip gauges, has easy to read digital LCD displays of peak force and time, and can save and recall tests. microFET handGRIP with wireless technology can be used with optional data collection or patient testing clinical software.

The Hoggan products are used major companies worldwide in the automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer products, food processing, warehousing industries, as well as universities. For more information about the companies’ ergoFET force gauges, as well as ergoPAK wireless ergonomic assessment equipment, sensors and software, and microFET medical dynamometers, visit http://www.HogganHealth.net, or call 1-800-678-7888 to speak directly with a representative. The manufacturer can also be found on Face Book at http://www.facebook.com/HogganScientific

New Updated ergoPAK Measurement Sensors with Software Update!

New Updated ergoPAK Measurement Sensors with Software Update Now Offers Totally Wireless Solution For Ergonomic, Engineering and Research Testing And Data Collection.

Used by ergonomists and engineers worldwide, HOGGAN Scientific, LLC Announces the new, totally ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit ( measures force, angle, acceleration) with new software update, improves functionality and provides additional feedback information of real time data collection for ergonomic and engineering applications for real world job and product testing.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) 10-27-2015. ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit by Hoggan Scientific, LLC, is the essential tool kit for ergonomists, engineers and research professionals to measure, quantify and validate human and product performance and the workplace. Hoggan Scientific is excited to announce its new, totally wireless ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit and FSR Force Sensing Resistor System, that makes it easier than ever to collect and analyze data under real job conditions. The new wireless update of the ergoPAK and FSR systems eliminates cables or cords that were part of the previous version, that can interfere or get in the way of testing.

The new version wireless ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit includes a 50 lb. load cell for small force compression and pinch tests, 500 lb. load cell for medium to heavy testing, two inclinometers for angle or range of motion testing, and 2 accelerometers for Gs measurement testing. ergoPAK is Wireless with RF (radio frequency), which allows free motion & data capture within a 100 foot radius. The data collection software included with the system records and saves the data to a .csv file to view later and perform analysis of the saved tests. Additional sensors can be purchased and added to expand the standard kit to create additional analysis applications. Optional sensors – FSR’s or thin film force sensors and torque sensor are also available.

“Think of ergoPAK as a comprehensive tool kit,” says Hoggan Sales Director, Cynthia McKenna. “What’s exciting about the new update, is that a device hub is no longer required to plug or connect the sensors to, and the measurement sensors are now completely wireless.” “This allows the user to test and capture data with the sensors without interference from cables or cords that can get in the way of testing, and the sensors can be used individually or together with other sensors in virtually any combination for real time data capture.” “The ergoPAK Portable Analysis Tool Kit and optional sensors offer an efficient and cost effective solution to increase human, product and process efficiency,” McKenna adds.

The FDC data collection software used in conjunction with the ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit or FSR system, as well as with the microFET and ergoFET testing and evaluation products, has also been enhanced. The updates to the software offer more versatility, functionality and feedback information. New enhancements to the FDC software include: Recall/open saved tests in software, large numerical readout display option in addition to real time graphical data display, audible prompts for loss of wireless signal, configurable start and stop conditions, and additional statistical calculation output information.
Major companies worldwide in the automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer products, food processing, warehousing, and other industrial manufacturing industries, as well as universities and labs utilize ergoPAK’s technology for ergonomics, research, product development, engineering, consulting, and human movement evaluation testing. FDC Software in conjunction with ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit assessment measurement equipment provides objective, accurate and quantifiable data to assist in the evaluation, analysis and recommendations for ergonomic assessments, work-place design, risk management solutions, and design and validation of products.
For more information about the company’s line of new wireless ergoPAK ergonomic assessment equipment, sensors and software; ergoFET force gauges, or microFET clinical testing dynamometers, visit www.HogganHealth.net, or call 1-800-678-7888 to speak directly with a representative. The manufacturer can also be found on Face Book at www.facebook.com/HogganScientific.

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