New RSI Rehab Strength Indicator for Resistance Cord Exercise Ready for Immediate Shipment

 New RSI Rehab Strength Indicator for Resistance Cord Exercise Ready for Immediate Shipment

Hoggan Scientifics’ new RSI Rehab Strength Indicator for precise strength assessment and exercise monitoring.  “A must for Physical, Occupational and Sports Therapy” – Earl Van Wagoner, Designer

Hoggan Scientific, LLC, a Utah based company and industry leading manufacturer of dynamometers, force gauges and instrumentation sensors for medical and ergonomic markets, announces its new RSI Rehab Strength Indicator ready for immediate shipment..  The new wireless force monitor transforms progressive resistance exercise by providing objective results and evidence based performance information for resistance exercise cords and bands.

Physical Therapists and other healthcare and sports medicine professionals are seeking solutions to improve skills relative to evidence-based practice.   The RSI Rehab Strength Indicator is a wireless force gauge feedback device that attaches to resistance cords and bands.  Combined with software, it precisely measures and records results of applied force and time of patient during exercise or rehab, that were previously subjective and unattainable.

The RSI Indicator force sensors’ compact design makes it highly portable, and the device interfaces with software that provides real time feedback of force (strength) and duration (time), and captures and stores results on IPhones and IPads.  The application also records date and time, and provides a section for notes.  Software will soon be available for use on computer desktops and laptops, and smart phones.  The device has a force capacity load of 80 lbs. force, which easily accommodates loads of resistance stretch bands and cords available in the marketplace.

“The RSI Rehab Strength Indicator is a portable, efficient and low cost solution compared to free weights and large bulky machines, for therapeutic and fitness exercise,” says Cynthia McKenna, Director of Sales at Hoggan Scientific.  “The sensor with software is ideal for establishing strength baselines and monitoring progress of patients and athletes, enabling you to make objective data-driven decisions.


For more information about the RSI Rehab Strength Indicator or the company’s lines of microFET, ergoFET and ergoPAK products customers can visit or call direct at 1-800-678-7888 to speak directly with a sales representative. The manufacturer can also be found on Facebook at


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