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About US

HOGGAN Scientific, LLC has grown to become an industry leader in manufacturing and providing measurement devices and sensors for physical medicine evaluation and industrial ergonomics testing. Our inimitable product offering includes microFET line of medical dynamometers for musculoskeletal evaluations, ergoFET force gauges industrial ergonomics and engineering testing and clinical strength assessments, ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit and ergoPAK FSR data acquisition systems and sensors, and RSI Rehab Strength Indicator.

Our renowned product offering can be found used in numerous leading hospitals, universities, physical, occupational, sports medicine and sports teams facilities: automobile, aerospace, food, packaging corporations, and used in pharmaceutical trials and research worldwide. Hoggan Scientific strives to lead the way with innovation, design, and manufacturing expertise.

Hoggan Scientific is built on a foundation of more than 50 years innovation, design and manufacturing expertise. We are committed to our customers to help them be successful, productive and efficient in their workplace by offering high quality and reliable tools and instruments, while providing exceptional customer service and support.