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New! Wireless ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit and FSR Force Sensing Resistor Kit are essential toolkits, designed for collecting and analyzing data under real job conditions for ergonomic, industrial, engineering. human performance, and product/research testing applications. New wireless ergoPAK and FSR Kits are now cords and cable free, eliminating potential for interference during testing.

ergoFET Push & Pull Force Gauge: This dynamometer measures push & pull forces from multiple directions simultaneously, so the slightest tip of the transducer does not affect test results. The hand-held design makes testing easier, and more closely simulates actual job tasks. The measurement results lead to improved product functionality, quality, and manufacturing efficiency, while reducing costs associated with cycle time and repetitive motion injuries. This gauge can measure force up to 300 pounds.

ergoFET 500 Two-Handed Push & Pull Force Gauge: This dynamometer is designed for a wide variety of force measurement applications. It measures peak force where the average force is not timed, and when a timed 3-second average force is required. The wireless ergoFET500 is excellent for job site and ergonomic analysis, NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) whole body or job specific static strength testing, or for any force measurement at the job site or in the clinic. This gauge measures force up to 500 pounds.